iStock_000046263052_FullAn unrivaled level of expertise at your fingertips.

 We are proud to have been recognised by Mortgage Professionals Australia magazine as one of Australia’s top brokers on numerous occasions. We look forward to showing you the best possible outcome that could be acheived with your finances.

Achieving the most from your circumstances requires a broad understanding of all the factors that influence your finances. Our in depth knowledge of both the products and credit policies of all the significant lenders in our market gives a strong starting point for advice. Our expertise ranges from the government backed Keystart first home owners packages to Multi Story Residential/Commercial developments.

As part of the FAJ group, we also have access to the collective knowledge of the Francis A Jones accounting practice (est 1930.) which has specialists in every area of taxation.

Some particular areas where our expertise will make a huge difference are:

  1. Self Employed people: Being in partnership with an accounting firm means we are constantly dealing with Self Employed people, and accountants. That means we have seen virtually every complex tax structure imaginable, will be able to understand your financial statements, and can liaise with your accountant to ensure your finances are presented in the best possible light.
  2. Property Investors. Whether you are looking at buying number one, or wanting to expand on the 25 properties you already have, our knowledge will have your portfolio growing faster.
  3. Profesionals & High Net Worth Individuals: We have significant experience with Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and other high level professionals, where time is exceptionally valuable, something we fully understand and are accustomed to cater to.

We prepare a tailor made report for every client, summarising our recommended structure, comparing the most competitive lenders for your situation in terms of cost and also loan features, and including all relevant fees applicable.

Contact us to benefit from our expertise.