In most instances our service is free as the banks normally pay us a commission to introduce the business to them. This is not a cost that is added onto your loan, they pay commission instead of paying to employ sales staff. More often that not, we will be able to use our knowledge of the market and competitive market pressures to secure a better discount from your existing bank, a genuine win win.

If you have an existing lender, they will always be included in any comparison we make. There is a value in convenience that only your existing lender can offer, we will determine the best possible offer from that lender and compare it with the other best options available on the market so you can make an informed decision on cost versus convenience.

We are in no way owned by any of the lenders we recommend. It isn’t common knowledge to what extent the big banks have significant stakes in the bigger brokers (CBA – Aussie Home Loans, for example) and this clearly isn’t something they promote for obvious reasons. We are entirely independent and proudly so, working solely to the benefit of our clients and not the banks.

Our commission disclosures are entirely upfront and if you would like to have further information about the comparative commission payments between the short list of lenders we recommend we will be more than happy to provide this. The range in commission rates between lenders is relatively small and the differences are in no way a consideration in our recommendations.

There have been many instances where our recommended course of action results in us doing work for clients with no commission payable. When it is a relatively easy and quick task to implement the changes we are happy to assist in these situations “the world is round” and we would much rather see more money in your pocket than the banks. If the best course of action is more involved, we will still assist on a fee for service basis once this has been agreed upon.

We are not qualified or licensed to provide Accounting or Financial advice, but we have strong associations with like minded professionals who can assist. FAJ accounting was established in the 1930’s and currently has over 40 staff with many highly qualified and experienced accountants. Follow this link to learn more